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Protern.io 3-month Subscription

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Protern.io 3-month Subscription

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Pre-pay for a 3 month subscription to Protern.io. Built to work with the Protern.io Sensor, Protern.io gives you the insights you need to improve faster than your competition.

New to Protern.io? Get all you need with a Starter Pack.

Engage. Inform. Improve.

Protern.io syncs your Protern.io Sensor data to the cloud so you can analyze runs immediately and see what needs to be changed.

Experiment with tactics and instantly see the impact. With Protern.io, your are more engaged and empowered. Use your phone to at the hill, or sync the sensors when you are done. 

Introducing your new superpower.

Protern.io gives you access to detailed data anywhere on the ski course. You are no longer limited to one split time. Use Protern.io to see the gates where time was lost. You can understand how to carry speed through the run with an accuracy to 0.5 km/h. Access powerful information that until now, has been hidden.

Train smarter.

More time to ski.

Maximize your time on hill. With Protern.io your setup can be done anytime, even the night before.

Just turn on your sensor and go. 

Your data is now being collected, it’s that simple. To monitor your data, build a quantriq in less than 60 seconds. Build one in the gondola, or after you have finished a few runs. Protern.io finds all of the run data.

Don’t worry about a missed time.