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Protern.io Sensor

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Protern.io Sensor is for sports that demand the most accurate speed, time and position data. Alpine Skiing and Ski Cross athletes are some of the most popular users of the Protern.io Sensor.

A subscription to Protern.io is required to download the data and analyze the results. 

Protern.io's high speed high-accuracy GPS sensor records accurate time and speed data 10 times a second. Weighing only 35 grams and lasting 6 hours on a single charge, this sensor gets the job done. We recommend one sensor for every athlete.

How it works

Track your training

Turn on the sensor while you train to collect data for your performance

Sync on mobile

Sync your data using the Protern Sync App available for iPhone, iPad and Android

Analyze runs

Use your Protern.io account to review and analyze your performance