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Dish - Linear Timecode Generator

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Dish makes syncing video with Protern's alpine skiing data fast, simple and accurate.

Simply turn on your Dish, plug it into your camera's microphone port and film your athletes.

Dish records a Linear Timecode (LTC - audio time code) onto the left audio track of the video. Programs like Dartfish and Telemetry Overlay can read the time code and automatically line up the video with Protern's alpine skiing data. 

  • Dish DM device
  • Shoe mount to attach Dish to camera
  • 3.5mm audio cable
  • Camera with a microphone port
  • 2X AA batteries
  • (Optional) Hot/Cold shoe mount on the camera
  • Software to sync video with Protern data (Telemetry Overlay or Dartfish)

Dish is a device that uses GNSS (GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, BeiDou) satellites to generate an extremely accurate audio time code. This audio signal is added to video via the camera's microphone input. The audio time code is read by video software such as Dartfish and Telemetry Overlay to precisely line up the video with collected Protern Sensor data.

Dish was created for the film and TV industry to accurately synchronize cameras. The generated time code is supported by most video editing software programs. 


Film Your Runs

Turn on Dish, plug it into your camera's microphone port and film your activities

Collect Your Data

Wear your sensors, collect data and download the session at the end of the day.

Overlay Your Metrics

Enhance your video analysis with objective data embedded in the video.

Dish Benefits

  • Simple Operation

    Keep your Dish attached to the camera and just remember to turn it on at the start of the day.

  • On-board Mic

    Dish includes a microphone to record any run commentary, such as "Sadie, Run 5".

  • Long Battery Life

    Two fresh rechargable AA batteries will last about 40 hours.

  • Accuracy

    Dish uses multiple global satellite navigation networks to get a time code accurate to 0.006s.

Not sure about getting a Dish? Try our app first.

The Protern Clock iOS app an option if you are on a budget, or who just want to try out the video syncing before getting some dedicated hardware.

Plug your iPhone or iPad into your camera's microphone port and turn on the app. Protern Clock will generate an accurate audio time code for fast syncing.

Protern Clock: Linear Time Code Generator