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Protern.io Bib

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(Protern.io Sensor not included)

The Protern.io Bib keeps the Protern.io Sensor secure on your back and in view of the satellites. 

We recommend the bib be worn as the outermost layer for the best accuracy for the sensor. This means on top of a jacket, or race suit. 


Below are some guidelines for sizing. Larger is generally better as it can fit over a jacket. If the athlete is going to wear the sensor in a race, it is possible to use double sided tape and attach it directly to the back protector under the race suit.

  • Small - Fits a U12 athlete over a race suit
  • Medium - U14 over a race suit
  • Large - U12 and U14 over a jacket, U16-U18 over a race suit
  • Extra-Large - Fits everyone over a jacket, fits larger U16 athletes over a race suit

How it works

Film Your Runs

Plug Dish into your camera's microphone port

Download Your Run Data

Record and download your Protern data

Analyze Your Enhanced Video

Merge Protern data with your video using Telemetry Overlay